80-xxxx: Bic-Ben® 2K Primer


80-xxxx: Bic-Ben® 2K Primer



     Bic-Ben® 2K Primer is quick drying 2K primer that is suitable for both spot repair or whole panel spray. This primer offers maximum protection against corrosion, and has outstanding adhesion to all kind of substrates. When using, users must mix this part A of primer with part B (hardener) [21-20] at the mixing ratio of 4:1. There are two colors that users can select:

  1. 80-0094: Bic-Ben® 2K Grey Primer
  2. 80-6070: Bic-Ben® 2K Beige Primer

     Further details of each type of primer can be requested from our sale department. We recommended to mix this primer with Bic-Ben® 2K Thinner [86-115 or 86-120] in order to maximize the properties of primers.


  • Mixing ratio: Primer : Hardener : Thinner = 4 : 1 : 3 (Depending on users)
  • Drying Time: 45-60 minutes (depending on surrounding)
  • Caution: Do not mix with low quality grade thinner.

Available Package Size

  • Quartz (1/4 liter)
  • U.S. Gallon (3.785 liters)
  • Pale (18.925 liters)

Key Features

  • Quick Dry
  • High Solid / Easy to cover
  • Excellent chemical resistance


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